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Made in HokkaidoofseasonNaseafoodA luxurious spherical weight packed with

Sparkling fresh seafoodEnjoyable for both eyes and tongue.Please give it a try

Please make reservations from HOT PEPPER




seasonalSeafoodJukin Cup...11,000 yen(tax included)

seasonal goldCup (example)

Big Botan Shrimp (thank you)Fumishima Kafuka) / Hairy crab (Kushiro) / Sea urchin (Nemuro) / Salmon roe (Kushiro) / Abalone (Kumaishi) /Caviar (from Russia) / Lean bluefin tuna (from Kushiro) / Big fatty tuna (from Kushiro) / Large scallop (from Sarufutsu) /Surf clam (from Tomakomai) / Matsukawa flounder (from Hidaka) / Daisuke (from Hiroo) / Grilled conger eel (from Funka Bay) / Herring (from Otaru)
*Subject to change depending on stock status

seasonsectionSeafood Ojukin Cup...7,700 yen(tax included)

Seasonal silver cup (example)

Botan shrimp/snow crab/sea urchin/salmon roe/red bluefin tuna/fatty bluefin tuna/scallop/surf clam/Matsukawa flounder/Daisuke/broiled conger eel/herring/squid/octopus

*Subject to change depending on stock status

sea of seasonsFresh Ojushu Cup...5,500 yen(tax included)

Seasonal gold cup (example)

Botan shrimp/snow crab/salmon roe/red bluefin tuna/scallop/surf clam/Matsukawa flounder/daisuke/roasted conger eel/yellowfish/herring/squid/octopus

*Subject to change depending on stock status

​​※AlWe also have a variety of call types and soft drinks available.

Please make reservations from HOT PEPPER





Seasonal oden course...6,000 yen (tax included) ~

・Appetizer: (Example: Sukeroe and seasonal vegetables)
・Sashimi assortment of 3 items: (Example: bluefin tuna, surf clam, Matsukawa flounder)
5 items: (Example: radish, egg, burdock tempura, yuba, shin tachi)
・Special dish: (e.g. seasonal boiled fish)
・Finishing meal: (e.g. small seafood bowl)


ohDen...300 yen (tax included) ~

Radish/Tofu/Shirataki/Egg/Konjac/Chikuwa/Ganmo/Burdock tempura/Hanpen/Chickenballs/Bamboo shoots/Yuba and rock nori/Octopus skewer/ Enoki mushrooms and bacon / Onion bag (Kujo green onion) / Shintachi / Oysters

*Subject to change depending on stock status

Assorted sashimi...1,000 yen (tax included) ~

Tuna / Flounder / Surf shellfish / Scallop / Daisuke / Mackerel / Hairy crab / Salmon roe / Saltwater sea urchin

*Subject to change depending on stock status

Appetizers: 500 yen (tax included) ~

Wasabi leaf / Shuto / Grilled conger eel / Seasonal boiled fish / Ginkgo

*Subject to change depending on stock status

Closing meal...500 yen (tax included) ~

Seafood small bowl / Mackerel pressed sushi / Final ramen

*A variety of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are also available..

Please make reservations from HOT PEPPER


 ·address:F45 Building 4F, Minami 4-jo Nishi 5-8, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

 ·telephone number:070-8548-8585

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